Omgoodness I never thought that I could look this beautiful...I have looked at them and LOVE every single one of them, you are a super-woman photographer to make me look so good :) thank you I feel sexier already! ~ Summer

WOW!!! These are so amazing. When I looked at them and I had to remind myself they were me! It has been such an awesome experience for both my husband and I! He tells me every day that this is the best thing I could have ever done for him. :) ~ L

What can I say about my experience taking photos with Benita?! It. Was. Fabulous!As someone who is used to always being behind the camera, I'm not always the most comfortable suddenly being the subject. However, Benita made the transition so natural and above all, just SO much FUN! The day was full of pampering-- hair, makeup, laughter-- I truly felt like I was a celebrity for the day! Benita has such an eye for makeup and what will suite the client best-- I loved the way she made me look and even ran out to buy several of the makeup products she used on me the next week! Although it was much more than I normally wear, it somehow still had a very natural look to it-- it was perfect and made my face look flawless-- who wouldn't want that!!! The actual photo experience was of course exceptional as well! Benita's sweet spirit and laughter can immediately put anyone at ease and in a great mood. Her posing directions and joking personality made being the model so easy and natural! She really made me feel like I BELONGED in front of the camera-- now that's magic! The photos were ready for reviewing within 48 hours, and I was floored and amazed and how much I loved them! I have never taken such beautiful images and I couldn't wait to show my husband! With much nervous anticipation, I sat down with my husband to show him the images...He was speechless, jaw on the ground, rosey cheeks, HE LOVED THEM! He examined each image slowly and kept looking at the image, and then looking back at me and telling me how beautiful I was. It was such a wonderful, giddy, fun experience and I loved getting to share all of it with my husband and feel butterflies in my stomach as he looked at the images as if he's seeing me for the first time again.I HIGHLY recommend that anyone have a couture session with Benita. Whether you are very comfortable in front of the camera or super shy, this session is for you! We are both so grateful not only for the images themselves, but the memory of the entire experience from hair/makeup, all the way to presenting my husband with the images and retelling the story of the entire process. We will now have those memories forever, and a new spark. Thank you Benita for bringing out inner and outter beauty I never knew was there! You are a blessing. ~ Esther.

As a professional hairstylist, I am often wary of others doing my hair. But I was thrilled when Benita styled my hair the way I would have done it myself! I looked stunning, and most importantly, I felt gorgeous! Benita is a joy to work with! She is incredibly talented in all things beauty, and so much fun! I would recommend her to anyone!!~ Kathleen R.

Benita has always been able to transform my hair and makeup! She comes prepared with a vision for our shoots and never fails to deliver. Her shots of me while modeling are hands down my favorite images! From bridal to maternity shoots, she knows how to exude my beauty! I jump at the opportunity to work with her!~ Chelsey F.

Benita has such a gift not only for photography, hair and make up but for making you feel like a million bucks. Her fun personality lightens the mood and makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. She read my mind when it came to my vision for my pictures. Her style is classic and timeless and I just adore her as a person as well as her beautiful work.~Brittany S.

Holy goodness! Couldn't believe that it was actually me in those pictures. Wow! This was such a fun experience and my husband and I are both so happy with how the pictures turned out! Thank you so much! I never felt sexier in my life. ~ Julie

Your awesome photography and her beauty truly made some amazing photos, and I am truly grateful for them. It is something that I will treasure all of my life. Thank you So Much! ~ Shay - happy husband